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March 03, 2008


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Your response the Times article is right on. I was upset with the article for many of the same reasons that you identified, especially its one-sidedness. If felt like an unfair blow to the many, many pregnancy and childbirth support persons in the US who are doing their best to professionalize their respective fields -- whether as LCs, doulas, or pregnancy MTs -- and are dedicated to advocating for women's and families' right to make informed decisions. Yet I couldn't help to recognize as well that the article raises uncomfortable points about the reality that some families unfortunately face with pregnancy and childbirth support persons who vehemently and unforgivingly push their own personal agendas. Although I certainly didn't appreciated the Times' one-sidedness, I do support increasing the standardization and professionalization of pregnancy and childbirth support roles. She might also have given a nod to LC certification like IBCLC -- not all lactation consultant certifications are alike!


I thought the journalist lost an important opportunity to talk to more experts on the doula-lactation consultant side -- seems like she talked to Penny Simkin, but I am SURE Penny would have given her a lot more on this. This has been Penny's work for decades.

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